Our interior design process is a series of steps taken by our creative interior designer in planning out the spaces required involving space optimization, developing the styles you need and building it real to create your dream home.

From Concept Generation where we provide optimum solutions in a creative manner to Customer Profiling where we gain a full understanding of our clients’ preference and lifestyle. The get-to-know process is thus important in establishing synchronization in establishing ideas and concepts.

Site Analysis provides the best opportunity for precise measurement, firmed up conceptualization leading to the efficient spatial experience.

Several meetups and collaboration of design are usually required to turn the initial concept into a mature design – this stage is called Design Development.

In Space Planning, a detailed plan of your interior space will be created that effectively lays out your existing furniture. Evaluation of your space for design, efficiency, and flow will be done taking into account how you and your loved ones use the spaces.

After a consensus has been reached, the complete design concept will be presented to you. Conceptual Forming forms the basis for budgeting and materials selection.

Budgetary Costing will then be presented to you according to the design concept and your budget. Once this is finalized, we will proceed with Materials Selection where colors, finishes, and materials are selected according to your needs and preferences.

3D Rendering may be considered the most interesting phase where concepts come on live in drawings! Our designer is there for you offering designs that make sense for your space. The complete rendering shows the different textures used, lightings and colors.
Project is starting to kick-off soon! Preparing for project timeline and schedule sets the parameters and qualities required to execute our design as perfect as possible. This stage is done according to your budget, materials’ requirements and work schedule. All these are not possible without our designers’ Project Management experience.

With every step of the way through collaborative dialogue, you will find us there with the Project Schedule thoroughly and precisely tracked. Here, the project timeline will be closely monitored every step of the way, ensuring that the project is achieved on schedule and in a timely manner.

Not forgetting Site Coordination comes with on-site supervision and quality inspections will be provided as it is an important determinant of quality of work to be delivered to you. Making sure the project is on track will reduce any extra back and forth construction work causing unnecessary costs and time wasted. Any updates on complications that may arise will be highlighted and resolved.

Interior Styling sets the finishing episode of the entire design-build process. Your designer may provide the professional advice you need in offering lightings, furniture and fittings selection putting together the look and ambiance you desire along with the comfort, color, and textures that will suit your needs.

It is time to decorate! This is where you can put any finishing touches and decorative items to place the entire look and feel together. Paint color and wall covering selections will also be happening at the Decoration phase.

Photography services may be arranged depending on house designs and subject to your approval. A professional photographer will visit you at your convenience to capture beautiful structures and angles. Images taken may be used on any internet platforms and social media for marketing purposes.