Life Story

Who are we?

Goodman Interior is a concierge interior design firm that offers top-notch interior designing services for commercial and residential projects. All interior spaces deserve a touch of artistic innovation and class with regards to interior decoration. We understand the concept of breathing life into ordinary spaces and transforms them into inspiring ones. Amongst the quality service that Goodman Interior offers include but are not limited to project management & consulting, material sourcing cum option finishes, space planning, home styling and construction to complete renovation work.

Why Choose Us?

To us, every project is unique. Therefore, time and effort are taken to understand all your needs and wants to build a trusted partnership together. With world-class interior décor concepts that are able to attain and maintain its unbeatable work form because of the dedicated, brilliant and skilful minds that make up the Goodman Interior Design Team, this in combination with excellent work ethics have positioned us as the apex of the industry. You have not experienced true quality in interior design until you get up and personal with the Goodman Interior Design experience.

Our Team

Eddie Tan

Creative Director

Eddie Tan is the Creative Director and founder of the Goodman Interior design brand, who dreamed up and brought to life this excellent brand to introduce individuals from all walks of life to the exquisite world of interior design. He brings the team to greater heights than ever before by consistently ensuring that every project is well-developed and completed with a satisfactory result ready to be delivered to our clients. He not only achieved the role of a founder of an established brand name, but Mr Eddie Tan has also curated the company to bring a current, sophisticated and modern feel to every project.

Deon Kang

Creative Manager

Deon Kang is the Creative Manager at Goodman Interior. He oversees the entire design analysis and execution process, ensuring that everything goes exactly as it should. He also works closely with the creative design team towards providing clients with a result that links comfort and quality with timeless elegance and style.

Harold Kok

Assistant Creative Manager

Harold Kok is an integral part of the creative design team who works hand in hand with our clients offering valued-added inputs based on his experience and expertise to help our clients make the best choices. He is able to transform ideas into reality and therefore creating exceptional living spaces for his clients.

Darren Toh

Senior Creative Designer

Darren Toh boasts an eye for details, colors, and creativity while developing a keen sense of what it means to be at home in comfortable and yet beautiful environments. By creating interiors that reflect personality and lifestyle, Darren executes each project seamlessly with unique approaches and gets excellent results every time.

Joel Lee

Senior Creative Designer

Joel Lee adopts practical knowledge of design trends and space-saving solutions to design a home unique to your lifestyle. With a holistic approach to interior design, he is able to turn an idea, a concept into a fulfilled dream that is inspiring. Joel goes the extra mile for your renovation goals. He is all set to provide the practical and creative solutions your dream home needs.

Joe Ang

Creative Designer

An interior designer with an artsy flair for casual elements, mural wall paintings and interesting decorations, Joe draws inspiration from clients’ backgrounds and makes his designs personal by integrating their lifestyles and sophistication with contemporary designs.

Sean Chiang

Creative Designer

Sean cultivates long-term relationships with clients due to his design approach and patience in getting things done. A trained eye and a creative mindset allow for devising solutions that you might never have imagined, and he pays attention to the finest details.

Nicklus Lim

Creative Designer

Nicklus analyzes what a client needs from the space, the way they want to interact and move within the space. With close observation on their personalities and lifestyle, he then begins to put a story and creates the mood needed. A dedicated designer, he puts his best foot forward in every project he handles.

Serene Chen

Creative Designer

Dedicated and experienced interior designer with a passion for delivering superior design services to clients, Serene is adept in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing layouts that meet the every need and desire of the client. She possesses the ability to identify fresh approaches and client requirements to deliver fascinating interior decoration services and achieve client satisfaction.

Jayden Teo

Creative Designer

Creative design specialist with strong background in project management, space planning and computer-aided software, Jayden displays strong focus on designing and creating all facets of design from conceptualisation, idea generation, project coordination till project completion. Making a difference in creating positive user experience the most enjoyable way!

Anthony Ng

Creative Designer

An achiever who enjoys life and is passionate about design. Pays meticulous attention to details. Pushing the boundaries of design solution, Anthony is sincere in creating that custom space that grows with clients in the most positive and unique way to build that long-lasting relationships.