5 Design Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

In recent years, it has been a trend for homeowners to knock down walls to make homes look and feel bigger. And indeed, having an open floor plan can create a sense of space and fluidity. But of course, not every home is able to do so.

Implement these 5 tips to make your house look a little bigger without having to exclude anything significant. 

Make Strategic Use of Mirrors

Putting mirrors at the right places can create a greater sense of openness. Not only do they reflect light, they also reflect the view, tricking the eye into perceiving more space.

Choose Your Curtains Wisely

Avoid using dark-colored curtains or drapes. Dark and heavy drapes look bulky and can make your room look smaller. You can choose to use light window treatments such as slatted or roller blinds that can be lifted up. Make sure that the color of the curtains matches the color of your walls because contrasting colors give a cohesive and seamless effect. Alternatively, choose to use Day curtains.

Quick tip: When you install the curtain rod, make sure it extends beyond both sides of the window casing and mount the rod several inches above the top of the window so that it looks taller and wider. 

Create Flow Through Flooring

Using the same flooring design and material is proven to create the seamless visual effect that expands its dimensions, making it feel bigger than it is. If you want your home to look and feel bigger, consider using the same tiles/ vinyl flooring for the living rooms and the bedrooms. 

Cut Back On Clutter

Keeping the space tidy and organised can physically and visually open up the space. The fewer objects in a room, the airier it will feel. Scale down on bulky items and try to keep the floor as clear as possible.

This approach also applies to your walls – Don’t cover your walls with a lot of pictures. One large painting works better than a group of small paintings when it comes to making your house feel more spacious. 

Use Natural Materials

Furniture, upholstery and decorative accents made of natural materials such as rattan and jute can help a room feel more airy and open. Make sure to choose the lighter colours and add plenty of plants.