Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Our Mission

Our community matters to us, and we want to make a difference in meaningful ways. That’s why we started a special initiative to work with medical social workers and help those who need it. We know that some patients need more than just health care – they also need home repairs and improvements to live safely and comfortably. This is what HandyConnect, our team of skilled professionals, does. Our current campaign focuses on solving a urgent problem for needy elderly patients in our community.

Target Amount: $18,000

Project Expenses

  • Materials and Equipment: Costs of essential materials, such as tiles, safety ramps, cementitious waterproofing system, and any other necessary items for the home improvement works.
  • Project Management: Allocate a portion of the funds for overseeing and coordinating the campaign, including logistics, coordination with medical professionals, and ensuring timely completion.

We are writing to appeal for your support in gathering funds for our noble initiative. At HandyConnect, a handyman subsidiary under Goodman Interior, we strongly believe in giving back to the community in meaningful ways. Goodman Interior helps homeowners in creating their dream homes. However, we also firmly believe that true value lies in spreading kindness through service and goodwill. That’s why we have launched a special initiative to collaborate with medical social workers and extend our assistance beyond just designing dream homes. HandyConnect works hand-in-hand with medical social workers to identify patients who require an extra helping hand. We understand that sometimes, these patients not only need medical attention but also essential home improvements and repair works to ensure their safety and well-being. This is where HandyConnect, our dedicated team of skilled professionals, steps in. As such, our current campaign aims to address a pressing issue faced by needy elderly patients in our community.

More often than not, Medical Social Workers would encounter situations where elderly patients are discharged to homes that are deemed unsafe. Due to their financial circumstances, they are unable to maintain their homes properly. As a result, they face the risk of preventable injuries and hospitalisations. We have identified an opportunity to make a significant impact by providing improvement works in these patients’ homes, enabling them to return to a safer living environment.

The improvements we plan to undertake include the installation of grab bars, safety ramps, broken floor tiles, repositioning and installation of power sockets/toilet doors, kitchen improvements, waterproofing, replacement of toilet bowls/accessories. These enhancements are crucial to ensuring the patients’ well-being and reducing the likelihood of recurring hospital admissions. While these works may be considered too small for contractors and beyond the skills of handymen, our team at HandyConnect possesses the necessary expertise and skills to carry them out effectively.

We have established partnerships with hospitals’ medical social workers, occupational therapists, as well as social agencies to address both the physical and medical aspects of the patients’ well-being. By coordinating our efforts, we ensure that the improvement works align with the patients’ discharge timelines and meet their specific needs. However, we recognize that the financial burden associated with these improvements falls outside the scope of conventional medical charity funding.

This is where your support becomes invaluable. We are seeking funding to cover the costs of materials, labor, and project management for these minor improvement works. By supporting our campaign, you would be directly contributing to the creation of safer living environments for needy elderly patients in our community. Together, we can prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and positively impact the lives of those who are financially incapable of affording such improvements.

Our Beneficiaries’ Stories

We have already made a difference in the lives of several beneficiaries through our partnership with medical professionals from hospitals. Below are two examples that we would like to share.

1. Mdm Angela

Mdm Angela is a 72-year old elderly lady. She suffered from Polio since young and her medical condition has severely affected her mobility. She stays alone in a 1-room rental flat and manages her own activities by crawling around the house as this is easier and safer for her since she has no one at home to help her get onto a wheelchair.
Recently, due to a nerve-related weakness and pain in her upper limbs, it has become more difficult for her to use her upper limbs to crawl on the floor. 

As such, she succumbs to cuts and bruises on her body when she crawls around the house, as some of the kerbs at home have sharp edges, due to wear and tear. Mdm Angela depends on government payouts and financial aids from charity organizations for her daily living expenses.

She is not financially capable to pay for any modifications work at home and such expenses are not covered by the existing financial aid that she is receiving from. Upon receiving a request from Medical Social Worker, regarding Mdm Angela’s case, our team, together with the Medical Social Worker, set off to Mdm Angela’s house to assess the home improvement modifications work scope. 

2. Mdm Koh

Mdm Koh is single and stays alone in her 3-room flat in Ang Mo Kio. Her kitchen floor tiles were in bad shape, with some tiles popping up. The popped up tiles had sharp edges, which posed a tripping hazard for Mdm Koh who moves around the house on a wheelchair. Also, the location of power switches and sockets became too high for her reach. We helped her by replacing the floor tiles and also looked into the overall electrical works in her home to ensure that they are all safe to use.