It All Starts With A Vision.

Let Us Make It A Reality.

Goodman Interior is specialized in interior design and renovation for both residential and commercial properties.
We offer a comprehensive range of services in the interior design industry such as: Idea Generation, Space Planning, Interior Design, Layout Design, Project Management and Renovation Works.
Rest assured that we are with you at every step of the design process.

Beyond What You See

A custom home design is one of the most important steps in designing and building a brand new house from scratch.
Our expert designers will walk you through every step in the process, from choosing colors and materials to picking furniture plans and equipment designs. When you choose us for your home renovation, our designers will sit down with you to make a detailed plan for your dream living room, kitchen or bathroom!
After we finalize your custom home design draft and you decide to proceed with it, we will create a virtual tour of your dream home, so you can have a detailed look of your future dream home before we start the renovation!

Concept Generation

The get-to-know process is thus important in establishing synchronization when generating ideas and concepts. Site Analysis provides the best opportunity for precise measurement and firms up the conceptualization.

Design Development

Evaluation of your space for design, efficiency, and flow will be done to understand how you and your loved ones use the spaces. Budgetary Costing will then be presented and followed by Materials Selection where colours, finishes, and materials are selected according to your needs and preferences, finally followed by 3D Rendering.

Project Management

Preparing for project timeline and schedule sets the parameters and qualities required to execute our design. All these are not possible without our designers’ Project Management experience.

Interior Styling

We offer professional advice you need in lightings, furniture and fittings selection putting together the look and ambience you desire along with the comfort, colour, and textures that suit your needs. Paint colour and wall covering selections will also be happening at the Decoration phase. Photography services may be arranged depending on house designs and subject to your approval.

Professional Work 

Our high accreditations determine our high standards of quality and reliability.

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